VelocityCAD is a powerful and comprehensive software solution that fully supports dispatching, incident control and unit status management for law enforcement, fire, rescue and emergency medical services. Tailored to meet the needs of public safety agencies nationwide, VelocityCAD is designed by dispatchers for dispatcher and will decrease response times while increasing the safety, security and well-being of field personnel and the communities it serves.

Harnessing the power of Microsoft’s Windows® operating systems and SQL Server, VelocityCAD has been designed from the ground up with the dispatcher in mind.
By incorporating common, easy-to-use windows functionality, a user-friendly layout, and the unprecedented ability for comprehensive product integration, VelocityCAD has been tailored to meet the needs of public safety agencies across the globe. Whether your agency requires a single jurisdiction or operates in a multi-jurisdictional environment, VelocityCAD has you covered.
Enhanced Features & Functionality
• Dispatcher Log
• Citation Tracking
• Contact Manager
• Flexible Reporting System
• Emergency Response Guide
• Duplicate Incident Detection
• Drag-and-Drop Functionality
• Street Level Validation
• Premise Alerting
• Incident Stacking
• Incident Scheduling
• Incident Instructions
• Interactive Messaging
• Narrative Spell Checker
• Location Diversion Module
• Major Incident Notifications
• Rip-and-Run
• S.O.P. Manager
• Unit Recommendation
• Street Alias Conversion
• Medical Priority Interface
• Quick Key Conversion Utility
• Shorthand Remark Converter
• Wrecker Rotation

Comprehensive Management Reporting
More than 30 pre-defined management-style reports, plus ad-hoc reporting for creating your own customized reports.

VelocityCAD Graphical User Interface (GUI)
An easy-to-read, user-friendly design that provides complete customization, making viewing information simple for dispatchers.

Dynamic Resource-Based Unit Recommendation
VelocityCAD dynamically recommends which unit is dispatched to incidents based upon location, type, alarm level and capability.

Multiple Methods of Dispatch
Whether assigning a unit by command line, drag-and-drop functionality or by simply pointing-and-clicking, VelocityCAD has a method to fit your individual needs.

Accelerating Public Safety
VelocityCAD’s Unit Status and Communication Control Panels offer dispatchers a variety of features and functionality like separate viewing areas for available and assigned units, category filtering, interactive messaging and integrated NCIC access.

Supports text-to-speech and speech-to-text functionality.
Unlike most Computer Aided Dispatch systems, VelocityCAD has robust search capabilities which allow the dispatcher to search on any field to find exactly what they need. Additionally, to enhance the ease-of-use, the Incident History window is identical to that of the Incident Detail Control Panel.

Premise Alerts and Be-on-the-Lookout Alerts
Warnings for dispatchers and field officers to potentially dangerous situations before they arrive on scene.

Utilizing the Velocity ANI/ALI Manager module, incoming E-911 data automatically populates fields in VelocityCAD which reduces data input errors while saving time.

Automatic Vehicle Location technology from Federal Signal will enhance your agency’s dispatching capabilities by providing visual cues on a unit’s location as well as recommending the closest available units to an incident based up their location, type and capability.
National Crime Information Center (NCIC)
Using the VelocityMDS Message Switch, dispatchers have direct access to query local, state and national crime databases. While functioning seamlessly with VelocityCAD, query results are returned quickly and even populates data entry fields to eliminate data entry.


VelocityMDS is a complete mobile data solution offering access to Computer Aided Dispatch Systems, Records Management Systems and local, state and national crime databases to name a few. Utilizing the power of Microsoft’s Windows® operating systems, VelocityMDS facilitates two-way, real-time communications over a variety of wireless network protocols. VelocityMDS enables you access to the data you need whether you are in an emergency vehicle, mobile command center and emergency operations center, or even have a PDA device. VelocityMDS is technology you cannot afford to do without.

Enhanced Features & Functionality

Stealth Mode
• VelocityMDS is locked and displays only a blank screen.
• Used whenever suspects or unauthorized persons are being transported in your vehicle.
• Advisory icons show whenever messages arrive, however, the screen stays blank until you unlock it.

Internet & Intranet
• View your agency’s policies and procedures, local and state ordinances or any documents through its secure online Intranet.
• Give your officers controlled access to the Internet.
• An Internet/Intranet browser that gives you power and flexibility.

Duty Logs
• Enables officers to keep their written duty logs electronically.
• Automatic time stamping keeps duty logs up-to-date.
• Ability to log into IP based cameras, ability to link to blueprints, SOP’s and other important documents.

Integrated Mapping
• Fully supports Automatic Vehicle Location technology.
• Supports using your own map data layers.
• Latitude and longitude displays on map screen for landing of helicopters, precise locations, etc.
• GPS ranking function allows tracking of officers with equal or lesser rank

Mobile Field Reporting
• Create accident, arrest and incident report quickly and easily.
• Generate multiple citations using E-Ticket function.
• Wirelessly submit reports for supervisor approval.
• Fields are automatically populated from NCIC inquiries to improve accuracy.

• Easy-to-Read, customizable screens, large, user-friendly buttons.
• Compatible with touch screen and split screen displays for simultaneous viewing.
• Convenient audible and visual alerts to incoming messages and query returns.

Officer Safety
Designed with officer safety in mind – with features like telescoping queries, quick tag, voice recognition, and auto tracking, our software makes it so the user doesn’t have to take their eyes off the road.

Advanced Search Capabilities
Search a variety of databases from your local records management system to state and national crime databases such as NCIC all with a single inquiry. The VelocityMDS Quick Tag feature enables you to enter a license plate or driver’s license number from any window and simultaneously search both NCIC vehicle and person files using our automated telescoping query function. Supporting NCIC transaction histories, VelocityMDS allows users to re-query previous inquiries and utilize the voice playback function. The automatic “hit” notification system not only alerts you to a potential hit, but immediately notifies the dispatcher and other officers in the area of your location and situation.

Security Check & Ride-by
Many agencies provide property owners with a service whereby and officer periodically drives by and checks on their home or business. The officer is then required to log his/her inspection. MDS provides officers with the ability to perform these services quickly, easily and with integration to VelocityCAD, further enhancing these services. Once a safety check has been entered into VelocityCAD, whenever an officer is near the location of the check, VelocityMDS automatically alerts the officer that a safety check has been entered and that location is needed to be checked with the touch of a button, the check is logged in VelocityCAD.

Interactive Messaging and Email
VelocityMDS provides you with secure, voiceless communications and file sharing. Interactive chat messaging enables you to silently communicate with other officers in the field (Car-to-Car) or communication with the dispatchers in the communications center (Car-to-CAD). Agency-definable quick messages allow you to select and send pre-defined messages from a drop-down menu keeping keystrokes to a minimum. The internal email system enables you to send messages to both on and off-duty officers and even support file attachments.

Complete CAD Integration
VelocityMDS has been cleverly designed, allowing you to manage unit status and update CAD instantly. Assigned incidents are automatically displayed on the integrated map, while adding/modifying CAD narratives is simple and easy. Conveniently obtain incident numbers, incident times and automatically display premise alerts and previous incident location history.

Third Party Application Control
VelocityMDS enables your agency to launch commonly used, third-party applications directly from the program whether the application is a customized program or a standard windows application such as Microsoft Word® VelocityMDS can be setup to helps.

• CAD Module
• Traffic Module
• NCIC Module
• Email & BOLO Module
• I.M. Module (Chat)
• Reporting Module
• Integrated Mapping Module with AVL